Women in Law Enforcement Benefit from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training

Women in Law Enforcement Benefit from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training

Women only make up 12.6% of Law Enforcement Officers across the nation, so it is not surprising to think that to thrive in policing as a female, you must be tough. Being tough, however, is not always showing up with muscles, rock hard abdominal muscles and the ability to look gruff in a uniform. A strong mind and swift physical attributes make up two of the most important traits that an officer needs to exhibit when working their beat. Lifting weights, running consistently, and wearing the proper gear may keep you safe, but a tactical mind is what will save your life.

Over the last decade, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has become widely popular among the law enforcement population. Specific training courses have even been added to pre-academy and academy training schedules, enabling recruits to get a taste of fighting in close quarter situations before hitting the road. Why? Departments realized that training for scenarios and gaining the knowledge and skills that will potentially be needed by officers in the future was better than not training for these scenarios at all.

What are the benefits of Brazilian Jui Jitsu for a female officer? 

Female officer training courses focus highly on survival, not just with the use of duty belt accessories but more with the use of a tactical mind and physical control. Brazilian Jui Jitsu along with other training modalities enable female officers to gain confidence out on the road, especially when dealing with a subject that is larger.

Since most interactions in the field take place at a distance less than 6ft, it is extremely important for officers to know what to do if a hands-on situation were to arise. Brazilian Jui Jitsu tactics, such as basic skills like bridging and hip escape, can help save a female officer’s life when faced with a fight on the ground or in close quarter situations.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu allows female officers to learn how to take down and control subjects without a reliance on the equipment on their belts. This gives officers a better chance of survival in all scenarios, whether on the road, in a jail cell or in dangerous off-duty situations.

Along with the physical benefits, learning Jiu Jitsu skills also strengthens officers’ minds, teaching them how to remain calm in high intensity situations, to quickly think before they act and to predict what is coming next. Having a tactical mind and knowing what is best for each situation will keep you alive.

A female officer in Weirton, West Virginia was working a quiet night of patrol when she was dispatched to a call regarding a disturbed male. When arriving on scene, the officer called for back-up, which was several minutes away. The interaction went south as the male was experiencing the effects of illegal substances and began fighting. The officer, a regular student at her local Brazilian Jui Jitsu, knew what to do to keep herself alive. She walked away with several fractures and stitches. The female officer went on to say,

Imagine it’s 2AM, you’re alone facing off with a guy twice your size. Do not be in the fight wishing you had the knowledge and skills to defend yourself. It will then be too late. Prepare NOW.

Here at Grappling University, we take pride in training local law enforcement agencies, especially female officers who seek further training. Our main goal is to teach readiness and knowledge that will be used as second nature when officers are faced with dangerous scenarios on and off the job. Our classes are open for training, and we look forward to fighting the good fight with you!

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