Who We Are!

Grappling University Martial Arts is a state of the art training facility with black belt instruction in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Wrestling.  We provide a safe and friendly environment that accommodates the everyday person and the competitor. 

Our Instructors

About us

Steven Abill

1st Degree Black Belt

Professor Steve started his jiu jitsu journey in June of 2006 at the age of 38 under Efrain Rojas’s instruction. His lineage is Helio Gracie > Royler Gracie > Davis Adiv > Efrain Rojas > Steven Abill. Professor Steve received his black belt from Professor Rojas in May of 2014 and received his first degree in May of 2017 from Royler Gracie disciple Vitor Terra. Professor Steve has been actively involved with the youth of Clifton for the past 15 years as a football and wrestling coach and has also coached softball as well. His success on the football field and wrestling mat is directly attributed to his experiences in jiu jitsu, the lessons learned on the mats translated directly to his coaching. He is married and has 4 children, all of which has never impeded his training, his love for jiu jitsu started on the first day and has only grown over the past 13 years.

Jimmy Osorio

Sensei Jimmy First dan Black Belt

Jimmy Osorio is an instructor with our Judo program. Sensei Jimmy is a First dan Black Belt (Shodan)in Judo. Sensei Jimmy is a USA Judo certified coach since 2006. He is also a USA Judo certified referee since 2006. Sensei Jimmy has been a Judo competitor throughout the years. As a competitor, he has placed in high level tournaments. Some highlights include: 1st place NJ State Judo Championships 1998, 2nd place Pan American SAMBO Wrestling Championships, 2nd place SAMBO Federation Open , 2nd place AM-CAN Judo Championships (2002), 3rd place 2004 US National Championships (Masters Heavy Weight Division), East Coast Judo Championships: 2nd  place 2001, 2nd place 2002, and 3rd place 2005. Jimmy is also the brother to Jose Osorio and uncle of Alex.

Jose Osorio

Sensei Jose Second dan Black Belt

Jose Osorio is the main instructor for our Judo program and competition team. Sensei Jose is a Second dan Black Belt (Nidan) in Judo. Sensei Jose comes to our academy with decades of studying, teaching, and competing in sport Judo. He is a certified instructor through USA Judo since 2006. As a competitor, Sensei Jose has competed and placed in high level tournaments. To summarize his competition highlights: 1st place Pan American SAMBO Wrestling Championships, 1st SAMBO Federation Open , 2nd place AM-CAN Judo Championships (2002), 2nd place 2006 US National Championships (Masters Open Weight Division), East Coast Judo Championships: 1st place 1997, 2nd place 2001, and 3rd place 2002. Sensei Jose is originally from Newark, NJ. A former Corporal in the US Marine Corps, Sensei Jose is currently a Captain in the Newark Fire Department. His son, Alex, is a brown belt in Judo and current student at GUMA .

Ben Caamano

Sensei Ben 1st Dan Black Belt

Sensei Ben Caamano has spent the majority of his 25 years experience in Judo as a Black Belt. He has put his skills to the test over his long Judo career placing First and Second in many well recognized national and local Judo Tournaments.  Sensei Ben is a certified coach and a president lifetime charter member in the United States Judo Foundation. His passion for the art of Judo is infectious amongst all of his students, from the kids to  the adults.

Miguel Monge

Striking Coach

Coach Miguel started training in martial arts at the age of seven at Yong In Tae Kwando under Master Ha Sun Choi. After a few years into the sport he made his transition to boxing, where he was taught by his grandfather Rosendo Monge. Rosendo, better known as “La Changa Monge”, won the 1957 Puebla “Guantes de Oro” or Golden Gloves and proceeded to compete amongst the best bantamweights in Mexico. After a few amateur bouts under his grandfather, Miguel took a long hiatus before he began to coach the youth of his community in efforts to keep them off the streets. In June of 2018 Miguel began to work with professional and amateur MMA fighters including notable prospects in the region. He furthered his knowledge of the sport by teaming up with fellow striking coach George Betantcourt, founder, and former Co-Owner of Train Smart in Passaic New Jersey. After the disbanding of his team Miguel traveled across the tri-state area with amateur MMA prospect Joseph Musse III, working with coaches in Philly, New York, and New Jersey. In June of 2019 Miguel embarked on a new personal journey by joining Grappling University and dedicating his time to learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Steven Abill and Mike Hanley. In December of 2019 Miguel was given the opportunity to start a new striking program at GUMA and has been dedicating his time to GUMA Striking since then.