Jiu Jitsu Competition Benefits

Practicing the art of Jiu Jitsu alone can be rewarding on its own. However, trying Jiu Jitsu Competition can push the limits of a person, improving his or her skills in the process. Here’s how facing off against other competitors can be extremely beneficial, both mentally and physically.

Learning to Compete Strategically

Strategy is an imperative element to add to one’s skillset in Jiu Jitsu Competition.

After testing one’s training against someone else for the first time, one most likely will find that simply being able to execute the techniques themselves isn’t enough.

Here, you’ll be able to hone your ability to formulate a more calculated game plan. Being able to see which techniques work (and which don’t), gives one a better idea of what areas one can improve in. You may even find gaping holes in your strategy. The only way to know where these holes are is by competing against someone else.

Improving Your Self-Defense Skills

Jiu Jitsu Competition is a fantastic way to better one’s skills in self-defense. Experiencing the stress and anxiety of competing against an unknown opponent is a great way for anyone to better prepare themself for a real-world altercation.

Knowing one’s personal level of cardiovascular fitness, what techniques work best, and how to handle anxiety in fighting a new opponent are all things one learns in JJ Competition. These very same things can be crucial if you ever find yourself in a scenario where you do need to defend yourself.

Breaking Out of Your Routine

Even though many in training may not even be aware of it, they may already be unconsciously aware of their training partner’s go-to techniques. Instead of practicing the same techniques that work against the same person, one can face multiple opponents he or she is unfamiliar with. A technique used on one’s training partner effectively may not work against everyone.

BJJ Competition allows one to test your skills against a variety of people, some of whom may have more experience. As they say, one of the best ways to improve your own skills is to compete against someone who is better than you. Employing and testing new strategies on these individuals can help one continue to hone their abilities.

Jiu Jitsu Competition may not be for everyone. But if you enjoy challenging your abilities and taking them to the next level, it may be something for you to consider.  BJJ Competition puts your training to the test, and in doing so, you can see what you’re really made of.

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