What Is the Jiu-Jitsu Lifestyle?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle

Any form of martial arts can be a lifestyle. You begin training and eventually begin applying lessons to your everyday life. It affects the way you think, talk, walk and act. Training partners become friends.

 What is the jiu-jitsu lifestyle?

The jiu-jitsu lifestyle is…training regularly.

This is how it begins. Treat each session as a valuable experience. Learn something new. Try a new variation on a move. Improve your sensibility for techniques. Live for the mat, the drills and the reps. All of this, plus sparring, will put you in touch with your BJJ roots. Supplement your training with weights, cardio and mental health awareness.

The jiu-jitsu lifestyle is…applying the principles to your life.

What are the principles of jiu-jitsu? Start with using technique over strength. This applies to life in that being gentle will always win over brute force when it comes to getting results from people. Find out what motivates them. Play to their strengths.

Make efficiency your priority, not effort. When an opponent uses all of his strength to control you, relax and wait for him to move. Then, seize the opportunity to capitalize on the situation. Always do things the most efficient and least time-consuming way.

Go for the submission. Use strategy. Seize opportunities. These are the secrets to success in jiu-jitsu, as well as life.

The jiu-jitsu lifestyle is…eating healthy.

Invest in your long-term well-being. You will not achieve this simply by eating berries and drinking green tea. Daily training will require the right fuel. You should feel refreshed and energized. Eat healthy and clean. Whatever you do, eat in moderation. That goes for treats and junk food, too.

The jiu-jitsu lifestyle is…sleeping well.

One cannot function in life without the proper amount of sleep. What is the right amount? Some function just fine on a few hours. Most require more. The average is seven to nine hours. Eight hours is optimal. Athletes such as jiu-jitsu practitioners who sleep only seven hours a night are pushing it.

There are patterns of sleep. A full night’s sleep usually consists of four to six cycles of sleep punctuated by brief periods of wakefulness or arousal. There are five stages to each cycle. The first stage involves light sleep and drifting in and out of consciousness. The next makes up about half of sleep time. The muscles are relaxed during this time and brain waves sow down. Deep sleep and large, slow brain waves characterize stages three and four. These are the restorative stages where hormones are released and body chemistry is balanced. Mere resting or cat naps do not have these restorative benefits.

The final stage would be what most refer to as ‘deep sleep’, also known as REM sleep. REM stands for rapid eye movement. This is when vivid dreaming tends to take place. For a jiu-jitsu practitioner to reach his or her full potential, deep sleep is essential.

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