Seven Cross Training Activities to Keep You in Fighting Shape

Seven Cross Training Activities to Keep You in Fighting Shape

Martial arts schools may not be open for indoor training yet but BJJ practitioners have been finding other ways to stay in shape. Some schools are offering classes outdoors with appropriate social distancing. In the meantime, the summer weather is perfect for cross training!

Did you know that spending time outdoors is beneficial to your mental health? Each of the following activities will boost endurance, build strength, and improve coordination:

Rock Climbing

Indoor rock-climbing gyms are out of the question. However, check online to see if you can start at an outdoor facility. Skills that are applicable to BJJ training include problem solving and learning to move efficiently. Meanwhile, you are working out your arms, core, and legs. Other benefits include improved stamina and grip strength.

Skate Boarding

Believe it or not, Kron Gracie, son of Rickson Gracie, was an avid skate boarder. It is a great way to get around, it is fun, and you can teach yourself. Skating improves your balance and coordination. If you practice as hard as you train in BJJ, you will utilize the same mental focus and problem-solving skills.


There is nothing better for the hips and legs. Think of what that can do for your wrestling take downs, bridges and hip escapes. Take full advantage of nature. Clear your mind while working your way up a steep hill. No gear is necessary for this one, just grit and determination. Think those come in handy for BJJ practice? Set your sights on the next plateau and do not stop.


Cycling can be intense, relaxing or both. It is up to you. Go hard up one side of a hill. Coast down the other. Cruise the straightaways and boost that cardio. On easy days, just take a ride on the local bike path. Pair this activity with your BJJ training, whether at home or outdoors, and cool down.


Take to the water! Do you miss those pummeling and clinching drills? Grip that paddle tightly and fight the resistance of the water. Add another leisure activity to your summer days.


Surfing is not so much an activity but a way of life. Sound familiar? Several BJJ legends, including Rickson Gracie, are avid wave riders. Surfers rely heavily on a lean physique, great balance, and sharp instincts. All three are attributes of a great grappler.


Yoga is the perfect companion to all martial arts. All of that stretching has its benefits. Aside from flexibility, it decreases the chance of injury and strengthens your joints. The focus on breathing comes in handy when you need to remain focused in a match. Yoga is yet another tool in Rickson Gracie’s arsenal, which is all a grappler needs to know.

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