Exploring the Deep Half Guard: Entries, Sweeps, and Submissions

Exploring the Deep Half Guard- Entries, Sweeps, and Submissions

The Deep Half Guard is a position in BJJ where you are underneath your opponent, controlling one of their legs while your legs are entwined around it. This position is super flexible and can help you execute various moves, like sweeps and submissions. It's perfect for both competitive matches and protecting yourself in real-life situations.

With this position, you can improve your ground game potential by trying out different entries, sweeps, and submissions. It's an excellent opportunity to enhance your skills.

Essential Tips and Key Details

Stay Compact

To be effective in the Deep Half Guard position, stay close to your opponent and keep your body and limbs tight. This will limit their chances of attacking you and make your sweeps and submissions more powerful. Try to stay as close to your opponent as possible.

Keep Moving

To do the Deep Half Guard well, you need to keep moving and be flexible. Don't stay still, or your opponent will know what you will do next. Move side to side, up and down, and use your legs and hips to adjust your position. This will make it hard for your opponent to control you.

Protect Your Face

If you're doing self-defense, sport BJJ, or MMA, you must protect your face. Your face could get hit or compressed when you're in the Deep Half Guard position. To stay safe, use your arms to cover your face and keep your head tucked under your opponent's leg. This keeps you from getting hurt and helps you stay in an excellent defensive position.

Practice and Adapt

To master Deep Half Guard in BJJ, practice and adapt to different situations. Train and spar with other partners, and be flexible in your approach. BJJ is like chess, so think and adapt to win.

Work on Your Timing

Timing is essential in BJJ. Practice and experience will help you develop a sense of when to initiate a move, defend, or transition to another position in the Deep Half Guard. Be patient and focus on learning from each roll.

Use Your Legs

Your legs are powerful tools in the Deep Half Guard. They can be used to off-balance your opponent, create space, block, and even attack. Remember to actively use them and not let them become static.

Entries into Deep Half Guard

Starting with basic entries can help you understand and feel the Deep Half Guard position. Here are a few standard entries:

From Half Guard

To get into Deep Half Guard, start in a regular half guard and use your inside hand to frame against your opponent's knee. After that, scoop their far leg with your outside hand while bridging and rolling underneath them.

From Full Guard

To gain some space between you and your opponent, open your guard when they're in a closed full guard. Place one foot on their hip and use your opposite arm to scoop up their leg onto your shoulder. Finally, swing your other leg around and under to establish Deep Half Guard.

Key Sweeps from Deep Half Guard

Once you've entered the Deep Half Guard, you can execute a variety of sweeps. Here are two fundamental sweeps:

Basic Deep Half Guard Sweep

Start by controlling their far leg and trapping their foot in your armpit. Use your free hand to grip their belt or gi. Bridge your hips upwards and tip them over to the side, coming up into the top position.

Back Roll Sweep

If your opponent resists the basic sweep, you can go for a back roll. At the same time, maintain your grip on their leg, bridge, and roll over your shoulder. Use your momentum to roll them over you and come up on top.

Submissions from Deep Half Guard

While the Deep Half Guard is more known for its sweeping potential, there are submission opportunities too. One example is:


If your opponent steps their non-trapped leg up, it exposes them to a kneebar. Control their stepping leg with your hands, then kick your legs up and around their leg. Fall back, extend your hips, and apply the kneebar.

The Deep Half Guard: Versatility & Flexibility

One of the most versatile positions in BJJ is the Deep Half Guard. It's a position that can add depth to your game and help you improve your skills. Remember that the beauty of BJJ lies in the journey of learning. 

So, don't be afraid to get on the mat, practice, and dive deep into the Deep Half Guard. It can lead to exciting new techniques and strategies that you can incorporate into your overall game plan.

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