BJJ & Weight Loss

BJJ and Weight Loss

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and weight loss can go hand in hand. Because you're constantly moving in BJJ, you can expect to burn some unwarranted fat. Plus, it helps that BJJ can serve as an exercise because it requires you to use all your muscle groups.

BJJ is the best workout for those who've become bored with their daily routine. It's a great way to build strength, burn steam, and increase endurance. Although it'll be tough to execute specific techniques at first, you'll reap the benefits of putting the time and work in.

Below we've listed why it's a phenomenal martial art that'll boost your weight loss efforts.

Target Multiple Muscle Groups

In BBJ, it's imperative to use every muscle in your body because you're going through a wide range of movements. Furthermore, it'll help you gain strength in specific muscles that a gym session can't even target.

In sparring (or rolling) sessions, you have to use your grips to secure your opponent’s arms and legs. In turn, you'll strengthen your hands and forearms.

Your neck also helps you gain balance as you pressure down on your opponent and work toward freeing any trapped limbs as you try to pass their guard.

If you’re playing guard, expect your core to be sore. Although jiu-jitsu is a ground-based martial art, it requires a lot of foot and leg work. As time passes, your body will adjust, and you’ll build muscle.

Increase Heart Rate

Grappling alone will help your heart rate increase. It's because you're constantly on the move. No matter what level you're at, you can expect to break a sweat. Other techniques like drilling and rolling can help you increase your heart rate and burn calories without doing long cardio sessions. As a result, your endurance will elevate, and other exercises might become more manageable.

Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

Jiu-Jitsu can help you reach your fitness goals. However, because these plans are more achievable, it pushes BJJ students to couple this with healthier eating habits. Eating junk food and not doing physical activity will become less desirable. The more you train, the more you'll want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Join a Supportive Community

Having support from your teammates will push you to execute techniques to the best of your abilities. The environment will also play a part in reaching your fitness goals.

Everyone who partakes in BJJ wants to educate and support you. There will be no room for insecurities or fears because everyone in your class has been at the same level you're at. The community also extends a helping hand, pushing you further to be in tip-top shape. 

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