Seven Household Items to Add to Your Home Gym

Seven Household Items to Add to Your Home Gym

Do not be surprised if you drive by your local mini-mall and spot a small group of young people in gis and belts working out under a tent. Martial arts training is returning in some form or another. However, with the scarcity of fitness equipment and approaching winter months, finding ways to stay in shape at home continues to be a challenge. It is time to get creative and have a look around.


Nothing works the abs like some mountain climbers, knee tucks, or pikes. Care to step up the challenge level? Get some hand towels out of the linen closest. Place them under your hands or feet. Have fun. And while we are on the topic of towels, what about using a beach towel as a yoga mat? You might want to double them up for extra padding.

Laundry Detergent

Jugs of laundry detergent have handles, and their weight can be adjusted simply by adding or removing sand or water. Try using one as a kettlebell. They are perfect for single arm cleans or kettlebell swings.

Folding Chairs

Pull out a steel folding chair. Sit on it with your hands at your sides, fingers wrapped around the edge of the seat. Straighten those legs out, with your butt about two inches in front of the chair. Lower yourself until your elbows form a 90-degree angle, press up, and repeat. Your triceps will thank you.


Weighed vests make a fine addition to your workout attire. Accessorize by strapping on a backpack filled with soup cans or water bottles. Go for a walk or a hike but be sure to take note of how much weight you are carrying. Once you grow accustomed, it is time to add more.

Soup Cans

Speaking of soup cans, they make excellent small hand weights. Bicep curl pulses, overhead triceps extensions, platter-serving extensions; pumping soup cans will build upper body muscular endurance.


Tired of plain old pushups? Dig a basketball out of the closet. Start with a plank, by placing both hands on the ball. Then, drop into a push-up. By creating an unstable condition, your core is engaged, and those hard-to-train muscle groups are activated.


Stairs are so perfect for cardio, they put stair machines in gyms. Think about that. Do you have stairs where you live? You are probably using them, whether you are working out or not!

Be sure to consider the space you will be using. If you have downstairs neighbors, be considerate. If you have roommates, do not destroy their stuff. Make sure you clean up when you are done!

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