BJJ Competition_ How to Create a Game Plan

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a well-renowned Japanese-centered art of judo. However, its origins date back over a hundred years ago.

Because of the sport's significance, one often tries to perfect each technique at hand. Sure, in the moment of friendly battle, there could potentially be slip-ups and mind fog. But how can an individual successfully beat their opponent to mirror the sport's phenomenal aesthetic, you ask?

Today we will be laying out the blueprint for you to win several matches. After all, behind every successful game plan lies forward-thinking strategies.

How Do I Create A Game Plan For Me?

The techniques you choose to throw out during a match should be ones you master well or are confident to use. Ask yourself the following questions when deciding which technique to go with. First, 'can I come up with 1 technique per situation?' If so, can I come up with 2? It would be best if you strived to push beyond your comfort zone.

Do you have a specific method if your opponent decides to...

  • Sits down?
  • Pull guard?
  • Take a Judo stance?
  • Take a Wrestler stance?

What's next if you need to pass your opponent's...

  • Open Guard?
  • Closed Guard?
  • Half Guard?

How will you beat your opponent if they attempt to pass your...

  • Open Guard?
  • Closed Guard?
  • Half Guard?

How will you take the trophy home?

  • Submission?
  • Points?

Why Create A Game Plan For Competition?

As the old saying goes, it's always best to be ahead of the game. If you are ready for what happens, you'll more than likely act before your opponent. Plus, you'll have default reactions as a defense whenever your opponent pulls out a move.

How Do I Implement My Game Plan During Competition?

To execute your game plan with grace, you must practice frequently. You must know each technique like the back of your hand. Don't be hard on yourself if it doesn't work during certain times. What matters most is that you have techniques to rely on when it's time to get on the mat. It's best to work your way up when picking go-to techniques. For the time being, hone into your preferred Brazilian Jit-Jitsu strategies.

What If My Game Plan Doesn't Work And I Lose?

Your focus should be less on winning and more on what was done right. Every individual does not flawlessly deliver their self-chosen techniques. In a scenario like this, it's best to practice more. If you go back to the drawing board and do not see the need to adjust your techniques for a particular opponent or situation, then work with your coach or training partners to see what needs to be moved around for future rounds.

Consider these points also:

  1. What belt are you?
  2. How long have you been training?
  3. How many competitive matches have you done?

In the words of Benjamin Lotter, "Yesterday's mistakes cannot affect today's possibilities unless you dwell on them."

How Do I Get Better At BJJ Competitions? 

The best way to earn your spurs is to:

  1. Compete regularly
  2. Record yourself, analyze the footage, and reflect on what can be improved the next time around.
  3. Get critical feedback from your coach or people you want feedback from. Remember to be open to whatever tips they provide you with.
  4. Plan and strategize
  5. Participate in situational drilling with a trusted training partner or coach. During these instances, it's a good idea to re-enact the difficult situations you encountered during your matches. In closing, fall seven times, stand up eight.

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