10 Reasons to Try Jiu-Jitsu for the First Time

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu vs. Muay Thai
  1. Become invincible: gain the power to vanquish any opponent, fear, weakness or obstacle. Seriously though, jiu-jitsu’s skill-based approach provides beginners with a plethora of milestones to immediately see the fruits of their efforts. While progress can seem abstract in other martial arts, with each lock, hold or triangle, your jiu-jitsu toolbox tangibly grows. The confidence that comes with repeatedly surpassing your limits on the mat will inevitably radiate outward into other areas of your life.
  2. Gain adamantium-level core strength: jiu-jitsu works your core from multiple angles. During the course of “rolling” (sparring), the rigorous ab workout you undergo can go unnoticed as you strive to gain an advantage or execute a technique. It’s hard to imagine a way to build core strength and balance that is more fun. Go ahead, find one!
  3. Up your self-defense game: jiu-jitsu was specifically designed to benefit those at a height or weight disadvantage. By carefully using angles, leverage and timing, the jiu-jitsu practitioner can disarm a much bigger and stronger opponent with relative ease.
  4. Respect and peace are paramount: jiu-jitsu is an extremely respect-driven sport. If you “tap” (submit) during a sparring session, no one will bat an eyelash. In fact, the greatest jiu-jitsu fighters will tell you that tapping constantly in early stages helped them get to where they are today. Trial and error, and emphasis on controlled aggression (free from animosity) are the attributes that come into play on the mat the most.
  5. Form friendships tighter than any rear-naked choke: jiu-jitsu is a close contact sport and there is plenty of room to interact with fellow training partners. It is almost inevitable that you will make great friends along the way.
  6. Boost your IQ: jiu-jitsu is a highly analytical sport. Sequences are broken down into steps that require you to process many possibilities at once.
  7. Watch your cardio skyrocket: jiu-jitsu gets the cardiovascular system going and keeps it working. Witness your lung capacity expand, and your heart rate go down within a few weeks.
  8. Flexibility on fleek: being flexible is paramount in jiu-jitsu. Attending regular practices will enhance your flexibility in no time.
  9. Stay calm under pressure: jiu-jitsu can help you learn to remain calm under tremendous pressure. It requires you to think strategically while under duress in order to put yourself out of danger’s way or capitalize on an opening in your opponent’s guard.
  10. Boost your balance: jiu-jitsu provides excellent balance training. Balance has many ramifications in your overall bodily comportment, and you can expect an uptick in body-language swag as a jiu-jitsu practitioner.

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